3 Benefits of Changing Your AC Filter

June 10, 2019

During the warm summer months in Raceland, your AC works hard to keep your home cool and comfortable. To ensure that your AC is running at peak performance, our cooling experts here at Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc recommend that you regularly change your AC filter. For everything else, we can help! For over 30 years, our NATE-certified technicians have provided some of the best AC installation, maintenance, and repair services to the Raceland area.

1. Peak Energy Efficiency

When your AC is working at peak performance, it’s at its most energy efficient. This will slash your monthly cooling bills. Did you know that a dirty air filter can reduce your AC’s energy efficiency? As air passes through your AC system, the air filter picks up debris like dust and dirt. Over time, enough debris will get caught that it reduces air flow and forces your AC to work harder. To avoid this issue, simply replace your AC air filter.

2. Reduces Breakdowns

Old air filters may begin to deteriorate and release fibers and debris into your AC. When enough debris builds up in the system’s components, it can lead to poor performance and even mechanical breakdowns. When you regularly update your air filter, you can help prevent future problems and expensive repairs.

3. Cleaner Air Indoors

Your air filter doesn’t just protect your AC system; it also protects you and your home’s residents by purifying the air. When air passes through the AC, the filter catches debris, dust, and other contaminants that would otherwise re-circulate in your home’s air. Every few months, the air filter will become clogged, so you should regularly change it to keep your air clean.

Reliable AC Professionals

Changing your AC air filter is a simple fix, but for bigger projects like AC maintenance, repair, and replacement, the crew at Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc is ready to help. Our technicians have provided superior heating and cooling system service to customers in Raceland for over three decades. Give us a call today.