3 Energy Efficiency Tips You Should Know

May 22, 2019

Throughout the year, you probably spend a lot of money on your energy bills. You may be wondering if there are some ways to improving your energy efficiency. By being more efficient, you could save money and lower your carbon footprint.

Louisiana, like many other states today, has a big green movement. Here are three very simple ways you can do your part.

1. Air Dry

Instead of using the heated dry function on your dishwasher, you can simply air dry dishes and save on electricity. The other option, of course, is to not use the dishwasher at all. You can also leave your clothes to dry on a line in the summer. This is often better for your clothes anyway.

2. Seal Leaks

There are leaks in most homes, and many leaks are in places you wouldn’t necessarily think to check. Leaks around ducts let air escape and make your AC work harder. Any cracks in your home, along with leaks around doors and windows, permit cool air to escape outside and poor-quality air to come in.

3. Maintain Your System

Regularly change air filters, at least once every two months. Get a tune-up about once a year too. When the inside of your AC is filthy and your fan is struggling to run with a coating of dust and other junk, it will not work as efficiently.

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