AC Dangers: What You Should Never Do

October 1, 2019

An air conditioning system is a collection of electrical and mechanical parts. A well-running AC includes a refrigeration cycle that removes warm air and replaces it with cooled air. What could go wrong? Unfortunately, there are some dangers to be aware of.

Don’t Let the Air Conditioning Bugs Bite

Your air conditioner could be harboring and growing microorganisms and mold. You might be able to see the mold growing on the unit itself or on the filter. Sometimes, you can’t see the mold, but spores are blown into a room with the conditioned air, and they’re capable of growing wherever they land. A musty smell coming from an air conditioning system is also a clue that there may be mold growing inside. More rarely, but also more seriously, some forms of bacteria have been known to grow within air cooling systems. Regular tune-ups and cleanings will help keep your home AC system in Raceland, LA, free of mold and microorganisms.

Overheating May Cause an AC Unit to Catch on Fire

Just like most electrical devices, an air conditioner is capable of overheating. This dangerous situation is easily avoided with a little planning and preventive action. At Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc in Raceland, we can perform a maintenance check and make sure your system is safe.

Some of the common causes of overheating include:

  • Worn-out parts or faulty replacements
  • Clogged air filters or blocked ductwork
  • Uncleaned and unlubricated components
  • Frayed electrical wiring or shorts in components

During your tune-up, a professional can check all the aforementioned symptoms. If your system is over 10 years old, you may want to consider getting a replacement.

Put Us on Your Home Safety Team

The certified technicians from Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc in Raceland are committed to the well-being and safety of our clients throughout the Raceland area. We provide heating, cooling and refrigeration installations, repairs and maintenance. In addition to that, we handle indoor air quality issues, install water heaters and perform electrical work. To learn more about our team or schedule an appointment for any of our services, give us a call today.