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    Ductless Mini-Splits in Thibodaux, LAWhether you have a single room or a whole house in need of cool air, you can rely on a ductless mini-split in Thibodaux, LA. A ductless AC is known to be energy-efficient, quiet, and smooth. Here, we’ll explain just how much more comfortable it can make life for you and your family.

    You may wonder how these units work. Actually, it’s fairly simple. A mini-split is a heat pump, and heat pumps both heat and cool indoor space. They do so by having a chemical called a refrigerant flowing between the air handler and compressor. It absorbs heat from the indoors and releases it outdoors when in cooling mode, and it reverses the process in heating mode. Mini-splits function much like other AC systems, but the cool air that’s generated goes straight from the air handler into the room where it’s installed, bypassing the need for ducts.

    Ductless Mini-Split Benefits

    While the compressor is somewhat bulky, the air handler is sleek and compact. Thibodaux residents have found that this device can fit in with virtually any style of room. Moreover, they have the ability to keep the compressor as far as 50 feet away from the air handler. The refrigerant line connecting the two units can extend that far. It’s also narrow, requiring only a three-inch hole in the wall to pass through. Four air handlers can be connected to one compressor.

    Ease of installation is one thing, but what are the long-term benefits? Consider these:
    • Tremendous energy savings
    • Long life expectancy
    • Multiple temperature zones
    • Directional airflow and other features

    So much cool air can be lost through ductwork unless you have a professional seal it, and even then, holes and cracks can develop. Mini-splits avert this problem and cool your room quickly but efficiently. On average, homeowners can reduce their monthly bill by 30% with mini-splits as compared to a central AC.

    Ductless Mini-Split Benefits

    Sometimes, not everyone is at home, and when everyone is, there can be complaints about the inside being too cold or not cold enough. But since a mini-split comes with its own thermostat, whoever occupies the room with one of these units can adjust the temperature however he or she likes. This is the great advantage of multi-zone cooling.

    Thibodaux’s Premier Ductless AC Provider

    Thibodaux's Premier Ductless AC ProviderThere’s a lot more our experts at Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc could tell you about ductless AC, but we encourage you to schedule a consultation with us for more personalized guidance. We’ve been serving this area since 1986, and we boast a team of fully trained, NATE-certified technicians. Our company is a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer.

    Take advantage of our flexible scheduling for a ductless mini-split in Thibodaux, and call Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc today!

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