How To Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality All Summer

August 11, 2020

Keeping clean air in your home is important throughout the year. During the summer months, this can be more difficult than normal. Pollen and pollutants can come in from the outdoors, and increased humidity can make the situation worse. Poor air quality can lead to a variety of health issues, including respiratory problems and heart and lung disease over time. Therefore, taking steps to improve indoor air quality is important.

1. Keeping Allergens Out

The best way to keep clean air in your home is to keep dirty air out. Airborne particles such as pollen can enter through windows and doors. Keeping your home sealed as much as possible can keep particles out. It’s especially important to keep windows closed when it’s windy out.

2. Importance of Proper Humidity

Higher humidity in the summer can lead to mold growth throughout your home. Having a dehumidifier in your home can keep the moisture out of the air and can help prevent mold and bacteria growth, both in your HVAC system and on surfaces.

3. Maintain and Run Your Air Conditioner

Running your air conditioner regularly can keep air flowing through air filters. This can get pollutants removed. Air conditioners can also decrease the humidity of the air in your home. To maximize the efficiency of your AC unit, regular maintenance is important. Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc offers maintenance plans for any type of system in Raceland.

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