The Elements of an HVAC System

April 18, 2019

Professional HVAC technicians, like those at Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc, have the important job of maintaining and repairing the systems that keep buildings comfortable. Here are the components of a standard HVAC system.


Most buildings need a heating system to keep things comfortable inside. In northern climates, these systems may be working for four to six months every year. In more temperate climates, their operation may be less consistent. Nevertheless, when you need heat, you often need it immediately. A furnace, boiler or heat pump will keep the building warm and cozy on the coldest days.


Modern buildings are made to be energy efficient, which means that the natural exchange between indoor and outdoor air is minimal. This can lead to stale air with a buildup of pollutants and irritants. A ventilator makes sure that fresh air makes its way into the building and stale air makes its way out. Modern ventilators can even exchange the heat between the ingoing and outgoing air. The heating and cooling systems do not have to adjust the temperature of the air as much, making the system more cost effective.

Air Conditioning

In a climate like Raceland, LA, keeping the air conditioning running is a critical job. If there is a problem in the summer months, buildings without a functioning AC can get uncomfortable very fast. Part of the job of an HVAC company is making sure that such emergencies are kept to a minimum. While our team will come and repair the equipment if something goes wrong, regular maintenance will make sure that problems are addressed before they become emergencies.

At Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc, we specialize in all aspects of HVAC systems as well as other indoor air quality concerns. Our skilled technicians can install, maintain and repair your equipment. They will make sure that your workplace stays in the comfort zone all year long. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation.