Can a Mini-Split Cool Your Whole Home?

January 19, 2023
Ductless AC system in summer in Raceland, LA.

Ductless heat pumps, also known as mini-splits, can help your home stay cool in the summer. They are a useful solution in a situation where having a ducted AC is impossible. Historical homes, for example, can’t support ductwork. Or you may be building a home from the foundation up and you’ve heard about the benefits of mini-splits. We’re here to explain just how mini-splits can act as an alternative to the traditional heat pump.

An Air Handler Cools One Room

First off, you should know that a mini-split consists of a compressor, which goes outside; an air handler, which you mount on the wall of the room you want to cool; and a refrigerant line to connect the two. One air handler cools a living space of 500 to 600 square feet. So it’s obvious that one air handler won’t cool your entire home.

Multiple Temperature Zones

The positive side, however, is that you can connect up to eight air handlers to a single compressor. That means eight living spaces can get the cool air they need. Besides that, each air handler comes with its own thermostat, allowing your family members to set the temperature to their liking.

In many ways, a mini-split can cool a home more efficiently than a ducted unit. With a mini-split, you can shut off the air handlers when the rooms that they’re in are unoccupied. This leads to significant energy savings.

Schedule a Consultation

Deciding on mini-splits over a central AC isn’t always easy, as there are many factors to consider like your budget and the size of your home. Have a professional to consult with before you choose.

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