Exploring the Key Aspects Checked in an Energy Audit

December 12, 2023
Energy Audit in Raceland, LA

An energy audit is a survey of how a building consumes energy. It aims to identify the areas where energy is being lost. The audit then seeks to provide cost-effective solutions to ensure an energy-efficient building. So, what is checked during an energy audit?

Equipment and Appliances

Lighting systems account for a large portion of the energy consumed. The audit identifies opportunities where energy-efficient options may be used. This may be through the replacement of incandescent bulbs with LEDs.

The technician inspects heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure their optimal operation. They will check ductwork for leaks and insulation effectiveness. A recommendation is made on energy-saving tips, such as ensuring regular maintenance.

The auditor evaluates energy usage of electrical appliances such as computers as well. An energy auditor may recommend inefficient models be replaced with better upgrades.

Occupant Behavior

An energy audit examines how people use lighting and their preference for HVAC settings. It’s an opportunity to learn about energy conservation. During an audit, you’ll learn about good habits such as turning off lights in unused rooms, adjusting thermostats to energy-saving settings and using energy-efficient appliances.


Drafts and air infiltration can contribute to energy waste. Thermal imaging is a technology that shows temperature differences. It helps pinpoint problems such as poor insulation, air leaks or insufficient thermal resistance. During the auditing process, the ventilation system is checked to ensure good airflow and indoor air quality. The auditor will also check if the building meets energy codes and standards.

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