How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

June 28, 2021
AC Cleaning in Raceland, LA

Your AC unit plays an important role in maintaining a comfortable environment at home. But in order for it to continue giving you that refuge of rest and relaxation, you’ll need to make sure it’s clean and running optimally at all times. Here’s a rundown on how to clean your AC unit in this easy guide provided to you by Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc in Raceland.

Understanding the Two Main Components of Your AC

Air conditioning systems are generally comprised of indoor and outdoor components. Each one contains a specific type of coil that you’ll need to maintain. The evaporator unit is the interior portion of the AC and contains the evaporator coil. The outer coil can be found in your condenser unit, which is the outside segment of your AC. To reach and clean each coil, the steps may be different. Having a clear understanding of these two components, however, gives you a much clearer roadmap of what you’re about to do.

Getting Started on the Inside Portion of Your AC

First things first, unplug the AC unit from its power supply. You don’t want electricity coursing through the unit, or the fan blades running while you’re cleaning the unit. But simply turning the thermostat switch off won’t do. You’ll want to turn the power off directly from the main breaker box. With all of the AC unit’s lights turned off, make sure you do the job in the daytime so you have plenty of sunlight to help you see what you’re doing.

Know What to Clean

You won’t have to clean every small part of your AC unit. But you’ll do want to know every part that needs cleaning. Apart from both coils, you’ll want to clean the drain pan, AC grille, fins, refrigerant tubes, and filter. It’s best to familiarize yourself with each component to determine what sequence makes the most sense when cleaning them.

Consult Your Local HVAC Expert

While DIY cleaning can be enough to clear your AC unit of any dirt or debris that’s lodged in the grille or encrusted itself near the coils, you’ll still want a thorough maintenance check done every year or so.

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