Should You Install an AC System on Your Own?

May 11, 2023
AC Installation in Raceland, LA

Whether you’re building a new home or it’s time to update your existing AC system, it’s not uncommon to think about possibly replacing it on your own. Many homeowners think that it’s cheaper than having an HVAC professional come in to do the replacement. However, there are many pitfalls to trying to do an HVAC system DIY replacement.

No Warranty Coverage

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that their brand-new HVAC system is no longer under warranty because they did not have it installed by a licensed professional. Most, if not all, HVAC manufacturers will require that a certified and licensed HVAC professional be the one that installs the system for the warranty coverage to be enacted. Without proof of professional installation, you may find yourself responsible for any repair issues in the future.

No Experience

Another pitfall of opting for a DIY air conditioner installation instead of having a professional come in is that most homeowners don’t have the amount of experience that HVAC professionals do. In addition, they don’t have the correct equipment, which could lead to an improper installation. When you hire an HVAC professional to do your air conditioner installation, you’re not only ensuring that it’s installed correctly, but you can be confident that they’re installing the appropriately sized system to meet the demands of your household.


All air conditioning systems rely on a substance known as refrigerant. This is a highly regulated substance that can only be installed by a licensed and certified professional. Even if you opt for installing your own air conditioning system, you won’t be able to charge the refrigerant. You’ll have to call in a licensed professional to do it for you. It simply makes more sense to have a qualified HVAC professional do the installation and refrigerant recharge for you.

Expert AC Service

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