The Reasons Behind 3 Common Furnace Noises

December 21, 2021
Furnace Repair in Raceland, LA

During winter, when you’re relying heavily on your furnace, there aren’t many things more worrying than when it starts making strange noises. Usually, a repeated or constant loud noise of any kind coming from your heating system indicates a problem, but it can range from relatively minor to very serious. With knowledge of what a few of the most common noises mean, you’ll be better equipped to handle them.

1. Whistling Noise

A whistling sound from your furnace may seem serious, but it usually just means that the air filter is clogged. When a furnace attempts to pull air through a filter that’s packed with dust and debris, that effort can result in a whistling noise. If you hear this, check your heating system’s air filter, as it likely needs to be replaced.

2. Loud Humming Noise

You probably have noticed a relatively quiet humming when your furnace is operating. This is normal, but if that noise gets significantly louder, it may indicate a serious problem. Oftentimes, this sound is a symptom of a severe issue with the furnace’s blower fan or capacitor. Turn off your heating system and bring in a technician as soon as you can, as the problem could go from bad to worse if left to linger.

3. Scraping Noise

If your furnace is producing a scraping sound, it might be telling you that its ball bearings are wearing out. Alternatively, it could be a result of the blower wheel coming loose. These problems aren’t major ones, but the damage can worsen if you continue to run the appliance. Turn it off, and have it professionally diagnosed.

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