Do Generators Work When It’s Freezing Outdoors?

October 20, 2022
Generators in Raceland, LA

You have a generator to keep your power on when the power goes out. It should work in the winter, but there are steps you need to take to make certain the generator performs optimally. Proper maintenance is essential for generators to work when you need them the most.

Exercise Your Generator

A generator should be exercised regularly for it to work when you need it in freezing temperatures. Turn it on for about 10 minutes when it has had long periods of inactivity during the winter. You should do this once per week.

By exercising your generator, your generator will lubricate its moving parts. Exercising it also helps keep its seals intact. It’s usually the case that modern generators do regular exercise automatically, but make sure this is actually happening.

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De-Clutter the Surrounding Area

If you have a standby generator, its surrounding area should be kept free of clutter. Frequently remove snow, leaves, branches and other debris. Clear off any snow and debris that covers its vents to give your generator the ventilation it needs to operate.

A clear path makes it easy for a technician to reach it should they need to after heavy snowfall. Additionally, clear the path to where it’s plugged into the outside of your home.

Purchase a Cold Weather Kit

A cold weather kit will help your generator operate smoothly throughout the winter. The kit should include battery warmers, a crankcase heater and SAE 5W-30 motor oil. The oil may run low during operation while the warmers and heater will warm up critical components.

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