How Is Electricity Generated?

February 11, 2021

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give much thought to flipping a switch to turn on a light. However, when you take time to think about all that goes into providing electricity for that light fixture, it’s truly quite astonishing. To help provide a greater appreciation for the electricity that flows into your Raceland home, here is a basic guide to electricity generation from Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc.

Electricity From Magnetic Forces

Typically, electricity is created by moving a magnet inside a coil of wire. In fact, with the right materials, you can create an electric current in your own home to demonstrate the properties of an electromagnetic field. First discovered by Michael Faraday in 1831, this basic concept is the backbone of most of the world’s electricity production.

Moving the Turbine

In electric power plants, the turbine is responsible for the majority of the electricity that is produced. Turbines take the concept of a moving magnet inside of a coil of wire and greatly increase the scale to provide adequate power production for a community. To rotate a turbine, the rotor must be moved by applying force to the turbine from steam, moving water, or other energy sources. As the turbine produces electricity, the electricity is sent to the electrical power grid.

An Extensive Power Grid

Even if you can’t see any power lines near your home, you can take the word of the pros at Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc that they’re still there. Residential power lines, both above ground and below ground, are the final piece to a large puzzle that helps send power to your home. This power-delivery system includes high-voltage power lines, electrical substations that help to properly distribute the power, and transformers that help to produce electricity with the correct current and voltage.

Taking Care of Your Home’s Electrical System

While the pros at Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc don’t deal with producing or distributing electricity, they do care deeply about your home’s electrical system and the devices that depend on that system. That’s why our company offers a whole host of electrical repair and replacement services, alongside lighting fixture installation, standby generators, and more. Plus, we can take on any type of HVAC issue you have, including repairing, maintaining, and installing furnaces and air conditioners. With over 30 years of experience serving Raceland and the surrounding areas, you can count on Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc to get the job done right, every time. To learn more about electrical systems, contact us at Guidry's Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc today.