What Are HVAC Dampers?

June 14, 2022
AC with Dampers in Raceland, LA
Updated On: 10/23/23

During the year, your HVAC system may struggle to maintain a consistent temperature in the home. The upstairs may feel too hot during the summer while the first floor becomes chilly in the winter. Dampers are designed to improve your overall airflow and the efficiency of your HVAC system.

HVAC Dampers

Dampers are often installed to improve temperature control in multi-level homes. These metal plates are placed inside your ductwork near the HVAC system or in the attic. If you have an automatic zoning system, you won’t have to make any changes by hand. If you’ve determined you have dampers installed, look for an external lever or screw that moves easily without much pressure. If you can’t find your dampers, look inside your ductwork and try to find a metal plate or valve.

Dampers are unique in that they can safely increase the airflow to certain areas of the home. Using your dampers is safer than attempting to close vents in some rooms. Closing vents or registers will actually increase the static pressure in the ductwork, which puts additional strain on your HVAC system.

By using dampers, you can close off entire areas or floors. For example, use your dampers to close off airflow to your basement, allowing more cool air to be pushed into your upstairs. By learning more about your dampers, you can increase your household’s seasonal comfort. Determine the best way to use your dampers this summer with help from an experienced HVAC technician.

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